Our Concept

"Almost all health issues we face today were not existing few decades back." 

This point made us to explore and compare various parameters between our ancestors and current generation. We observed, food we consume plays major role in making us more prone to health issues. Bitter fact is most of the food we consume today is not Natural. Our research says, 3 main things impacting quality and taste of Natural Food. ‘Use of chemicals in cultivation’, ‘Food Adulteration’ and ‘Genetically Modified Seeds and Crops’. Avoiding these 3 things will make our Food Natural.

Last few months, we visited various farmers in India, who cultivates using Native Seeds and Follow 100% Natural Farming Methods. All produce we bring to you directly from these Natural Farmers. Also, we took utmost care in adopting specific Natural Preservative techniques to maintain shelf life of each produce. Our aim is to bring awareness on “Indian Natural Food” and making it available at your doorsteps. We believe in “Know Your Food and Know Your Farmer”, so you will know who the farmer is and his/her farmland where your food is cultivated. With this, we are connecting Farmers to Consumers.

We are more than happy, if you pay a visit to our farmers or at least make a call to appreciate their efforts in giving us Super Good Tasty Natural Food. Before you start ordering, we would like you to join one of awareness session to understand Our Concept.

Please let us know your interest at +65 90.111.640 (Call/WhatsApp).