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Panchagavya for Daily Use

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GIR 21 Aushadhiya Ark 200ml


Product Description:

GIR 21 Aushadhiya Ark 200ml

Diabetes and Thyroid Care

Gir 21 medicinal extracts are prepared by a special process of 21 Ayurvedic herbs. The extract is effective in a variety of hormonal problems, including diabetes and thyroid problems.

Thyroid And Diabetes care.

How to Use:
Early morning 5 to 10 ml GIR 21 Aushadhiya Ark mixed in a glass of water.


• Thyroid And Diabetes care.
• Boosts immunity System
• Weight control
• Reducing overeating.
• Enhances digestive fire.

GIR Bansi Dantmanjan 50g


Product Description:

Total Oral Care

Bansi Dantmanjan Powder is a unique formulation of 14 vital ingredients, and is a revolution in managing dental problems.

Gomay Charcoal acts as Activated Charcoal, removing toxins and impurities from teeth cavities, and removes stains from the teeth. Yeshtimadhu calms vata and pitta, and helps fight toothache. Pudina Satva and Kapoor kills bacteria and bad breath from oral cavity.

Bakula is very useful to stabilize loose teeth. Sphatika and Amalaki cures bleeding gums.

Bansi Dantmanjan maintains good oral hygiene to keep all your dental problems away.


• White and Sparkling Teeth
• Prevent Tooth Decay
• Home Remedies for Gingivitis
• Avoid Bad Breath
• prevent teeth and gum disease

Pure Desi Cow Ghee (Vedic Ghee) 500 ml


Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Prepared in hand churning method, Not a Milk Fat, Healthy Desi Cow milk(A2)
Weight : 500 Grams

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