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Ancient Natural Water Filter 20 Litres


Natural Water Filter 20 Litres

The water that we consume from either the mineral water bottles or from the RO filter has Ph levels less than 7, which indicates that it is acidic. The acidic water is the reason for many disease conditions like gastric trouble, osteoporosis and in the long term cancers etc. The natural water filter  is designed by its founder Mr. Prasad (popularly known as Prakruthivanam prasad) after researching for about four years. The water from this filter is highly alkaline with lots of minerals. This water filter adds minerals from natural resources. It maintains TDS (total dissolved solids), adds natural calcium and alkalinity through wood charcoal, lime stone, river sand, earthen brick pieces and pebbles.

Copper Tongue Cleaner


Well copper is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial killing those creepy critters on contact

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